Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

24/7 Emergency Response Hotline 


  • Are you licensed and insured? Yes, QRF is a licensed General Contractor (GC LIC# RLCO003739). We are also insured.
  • How soon can you respond? The customer will be contacted within a maximum of 15 minutes. Our emergency crew will arrive to the scene as soon as possible, with a maximum response time of 2 hours.
  • Do you charge a fee for an inspection? No. We do NOT charge for the initial inspection to assess the damage. 
  • Can we stay in our home while it is being restored? Each situation is different. Your insurance company will be able to determine if your home is deemed livable or not. 
  • Should I file a claim if I believe I have property damage? Call and talk to one of our service professionals before filing a claim. If the damage does not exceed your deductible, it is in your best interest to not file a claim. 
  • Will you be able to help me with the insurance claim process? Absolutely. We are trained in the insurance claim process and will work directly with your insurance company to ensure you have the best outcome. 
  • Are you a franchise? No. Quick Response Force, LLC has one office/warehouse located in Marietta, Georgia. 
  • How long does the restoration process take? Each situation is different. Once we are able to assess the damage, we will be able to determine a reasonable timeline so that you can know what to expect.  
  • Can you get rid of mold with bleach? Yes and No. There is a common misconception that bleach kills mold on all surfaces. Bleach WILL kill mold growing on non-porous surfaces such as counter tops, glass, tiles, and bathtubs. Bleach CANNOT completely kill mold that grows on porous surfaces like wood, wood-based materials, and drywall. Mold can become embedded this these types of surfaces. 
  • Our fire was not very big. Can we clean it up ourselves? Most people feel that fire damage can be cleaned easily, but there are a strict set of standards for fire restoration outlined by the IICRC. Be sure to consult with a QRF representative before you make a decision. 
  • Do I need an estimate before you start the dry-out? No. The dollar amount of the dry out is often unknown until the work has begun.