Tree Removal Cost - can be expensive!

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There are a number of factors and numerous challenges that will reflect in the tree removal costs. The number one factor and the most important is SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY!!! Tree work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Please keep that in mind.

Factors and Challenges:
Safety & Risk:
  • Danger to Life and/or Property is the number one concren
  • Risk—Just as with the insurance industry, the tree professional assesses the risks involved and will price the job accordingly. A healthy tree with little or no defects situated away from buildings or permanent landscaping will cost less than an older decaying tree located above your roof or other structures.
  • Every tree take-down is different and requires a different approach. 
  • Overhead—We use expensive machinery, and carry liability and workmans comp insurance to protect ourselves, you, and your property from the financial disaster of a unexpected event.

Surrounds & location of Tree:
  • Is the tree close to house or other structures
  • Is the tree close to power lines, or even have utility lines running through the tree
  • Is the tree up a hill, or down a hill from access points
  • Is the tree in-between houses or buildings, or in a back yard that requires everything to be hand carried to discard 
  • Or is the tree right next to a road, with potential traffic issues
  • And many other....

Size of Tree:
  • The smaller the tree  means lower the cost, however that may not be true in all situations depending on the location of the tree. 
  • The bigger the tree means higher the cost, again this may not be the case depending on other factors. Example: You got a huge oak tree out in a field that you want removed, but you also have a small pine tree 10 from your back porch that you want removed as well. The small pine tree would cost a lot more then the oak tree, due to location and risk.

Stability and Condition of Tree:
  • Stability of the tree is the main determinant of safety, which will also affect the cost. As a tree declines, becomes weaker and weaker, and therefor less stable, any added pressure or weight during the removal process could unexpectedly endanger life and property 

Degree of Clean up:
  • should be reflected in tree removal costs:There are generally four kinds of clean up:
    1. Leave all debris—a big mess, and we don’t recommend it
    2. Rough clean up—remove all wood and debris, but no final rake up (forest & field situations)
    3. Leave all big wood—great option if you burn wood or have friends who can use it and you are willing to split it
    4. Remove all debris—Your best option for no hassle. The only thing left will be the stump. Tree professionals are also great at cleaning up since they do it every day.